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The latest about the oldest picture of the church

Titwood Parish Church photographed by Duncan Brown in the 1890s.

This was the first church designed by H E Clifford and was built 1893-1895 in Glencairn Drive. The church was dismantled and moved to Meiklerig Crescent in Pollok between 1951 and 1953 and renamed St James’ (Pollok) Parish Church. The move was a major undertaking, with each stone carefully numbered so that the church could be rebuilt exactly on the new site. St James’ opened its doors to the people of Pollok on 3 September 1953.

WW1 POW story serves up a treat!

The most liked photo on the Church Facebook page. Find out more Click here

The sudden change in the COVID-19 restriction to Tier 4 meant that we had to develop online worship resources rather quickly.

They were hosted on the Church Facebook page (Click here) and sent to available emails of church members. Click here for the reflection on Matthew 25:31-47

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