Worship resources for 7th February

He leads me by still waters.

Each Sunday we post online worship resources when Tier 3 restrictions only allow 50 people to attend church. However the church this week is completely closed for worship. So we provide these to stay in touch and stay safe. They are accessible after our live Zoom worship for those unable to access via this platform.

The links to the hymns can be accessed by clicking on “Click here” beside the hymn title. These take you to Youtube and we have no control over the adverts you see.

The prayers are taken from the Church of Scotland Weekly Worship.

There is a bonus track at the end of the worship to enjoy.

Scriptural sentence (from Common Order)
“The Lord will give strength to His people; the Lord will bless His people with peace.”
Psalm 29:11

Opening prayer

Approach to God/Call to worship

Collect (From Common Order)

Merciful Lord,
Grant to Your faithful people pardon and peace,
That we may be cleansed from all our sins
And serve You with a quiet mind;
Through Jesus Christ our Lord,
Who is alive and reigns
With You and the Holy Spirit,
One God, now and for ever.

The First Hymn:

All things bright and beautiful Click here

Prayer of Reflective confession

Let us pray.

Lord God,
High in the heavens, yet kneeling at our feet,
Let us sing praises loudly, let us pray quietly,
Let us listen attentively, let us act presently.
Let our words praise You,
Let our actions praise You,
Living, loving, eternal God.
As we draw near to You, may we find that You
Already are on Your way to meet us,
And more than halfway.
Bridging sin-gulfs, breaking sin-walls,
Your sparkling, irresistible love wins through.
Let us praise Your Holy Name!
Searching God,
Into every dark place,
Into every hard heart,
Into every narrow mind,
Into every shut mouth,
Into every closed eye,
Come with healing light to open up
And reveal to us not only Who You are,
But what Your love might be,
In us, through us, or even despite us.
Forgive us for choosing bleakness instead of blessedness.
Into our wintry worlds let the smell of summer come;
Let this be, in our lives, God’s February,
Redolent of new life, new light, new beginning, new hope.
May God, in infinite mercy, shine healing light
Upon all your living, that the life you live
May be a life lived to God’s glory, each day, each night.
Through Jesus Christ our Lord.

And so we pray the prayer Jesus called us to pray.

Our Father, who art in heaven,

hallowed be thy name;

thy kingdom come;

thy will be done;

on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread.

And forgive us our debts,

as we forgive our debtors

And lead us not into temptation;

but deliver us from evil.

For thine is the kingdom,

the power and the glory,

for ever.


Bible Reading: John 5:1-12(Film) Click Here

The Reflection: Click Here

Prayer of Thanksgiving

God of the gift of light,
In Your un-wearying love for us
Which brings us once more to see You face-to-face,
Help us live lives of gratitude and grace.
Thankful for what we receive, and what we are enabled to give;
Gracious in our thoughts, and words and actions
As we bring blessing to the lives around us.
We pray today for our homes, and the people we hold dear,
May they know peace and joy.
We pray today for our Queen, our country, and all whose work
Shapes and guides our daily living
In politics, education, economics and business,
May those whose work falls in these spheres know wisdom and courage.
We pray today for our world, and its changing needs,
For health and healing;
For nourishment and generosity;
For shelter and compassion;
For laughter and love.
In the life and the work of Your Church,
And every community of faith where love is put in practice,
May we not trip over our theological skirts,
But get our hands dirty in the doing of good,
So that where we can choose to be anything
We choose to be kind.
Through Jesus Christ our Lord.


The Second Hymn: Fairest Lord Jesus Click here

Prayers of Intercession

Let us pray.

God of love,
whose foolishness is greater than any human wisdom,
You challenge us with standards to aspire to
and yet You overflow with love, openness and acceptance.
Today, we pray for the World that You have gifted to us
and called us to steward, as we seek to look on it through Christ-like eyes:
eyes that help us to see a clearer vision of the world;
eyes that help us to see people as they really are;
eyes to recognise that despite the trials that are experienced by some,
they are blessed…
We pray this day for those who are financially poor.
As we sit down to food at our tables this day,
may we remember Your children who go hungry.
Lord, in Your mercy,
hear our prayer.
We pray this day for those who are poor in spirit.
Those craving comfort and those who need space and time to heal.
Lord, in Your mercy,
hear our prayer.
We pray this day for those who are silenced or overlooked.
Those who deserve our respect;
those who deserve for their voice to be heard.
Lord, in Your mercy,
hear our prayer.
We pray for those who work for peace and reconciliation.
May their voices be heard in a world that urgently needs to listen
and pay attention to what they say.
Lord, in Your mercy,
hear our prayer
Lord Jesus Christ we are more than just Your people,
we are blessed to be called Your children.
Help us as Your family to reach out to the lost, the broken and the suffering.
In Jesus’ name we pray


Closing Hymn: O For a Thousand Tongues to sing Click here

Closing Blessing

May the Lord bless you and keep you,
May the Lord make His face to shine upon you,
And be gracious unto you.
May the Lord lift up His countenance upon you,
And give you peace.
And the blessing of God Almighty,
The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit,
Be among you and remain with you,
Now and forever more.


Bonus worship track of the Gaelic Blessing from Deep peace of Christ. Click here (When you put the kettle on allow a different style into your life of worship)

Thank you for time in taking part by using these resources. If you have any messages you would like to share with us, please connect with us below.

Stay in touch and stay safe. This is why we provide the above.


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