Worship resources for 21st February

Each Sunday we post online worship resources when Tier 3 restrictions only allow 50 people to attend church. However the church this week is completely closed for worship. So we provide these to stay in touch and stay safe. They are accessible after our live Zoom worship for those unable to access via this platform.

The links to the hymns can be accessed by clicking on “Click here” beside the hymn title. These take you to Youtube and we have no control over the adverts you see.

The prayers are taken from the Church of Scotland Weekly Worship.

There is a bonus track at the end of the worship to enjoy.

Scriptural sentence
“’Do not be afraid.”

Opening prayer

Approach to God/Call to worship

Leader: To You, O Lord, I lift up my soul.
All: O my God, in You I trust.
Leader: Make me to know Your ways, O Lord.
All: Teach me Your paths.
Leader: Lead me in Your paths and teach me.
All: For You are the God of my salvation;
for You I wait all day long

The First Hymn:

To God be the glory Click here

Prayer of Reflective confession

Let us pray.

Lord God, as we enter these Lenten days
and look to fall into step behind Jesus,
entering with Him the wilderness
where battles are lost and won
faith tested and futures found
We confess we are not ready
we are not strong
to face and to find
all that might be revealed
We are not pure in heart and mind
our feet may stumble and be unsure –
we carry too many burdens
of guilt long gathered
wounds often cherished
a past mulled over
wrongs not righted –
and pray for You to meet us
at the edge of the desert
and lighten our load
Take the heavy packs off our backs
and simply forgive
what has been
what has not been achieved
all the good we failed to do
That we may travel lightly with You
our eyes set on the Galilean going ahead of us
clearing a path
promising that for us rain will fall in the desert
and after the storm a rainbow will light the heavens
and we will be made new
through Christ our Lord.

And so we pray the prayer Jesus called us to pray.

Our Father, who art in heaven,

hallowed be thy name;

thy kingdom come;

thy will be done;

on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread.

And forgive us our debts,

as we forgive our debtors

And lead us not into temptation;

but deliver us from evil.

For thine is the kingdom,

the power and the glory,

for ever.


Bible Reading: John 6:16-24(Film) Click Here

The Reflection: Click Here

Prayer of Thanksgiving

God, creator of every landscape
who shapes on the earth gardens lush and green
who hollows out of rock the desert scrubland
who sets the seas in their mighty depths
who sends the ice to carve out mountains –
You we worship
for mystery and wonder have captured the eyes of our souls.
God, creator of life above and below
who sends rain to water the field
who placed sun and moon in their heights to lighten the world
who cast from the earth creatures that breathe the air
who in the sea birthed myriad forms of life –
You we worship
for our senses are stirred to see and touch the works of Your hand.
God, creator of love and relationship
who lights the cloud with the rainbow’s arc
who promises after the rain a day washed new
who promised the great of our faith the presence of god
who is near us now to speak in cloud and sunshine –
You we worship
for still You reach out in loving friendship.
God, creator of all that is
who promises seedtime and harvest
who wishes to shower us with good gifts
who walks with us the harsh, stony roads
who rejoices with us in times of gladness –
You we worship
for the promise fulfilled that God is love and loves us all.


The Second Hymn: Lord Jesus think on me Click here

Prayers of Intercession

Let us pray.

Our Gracious God,

Heavenly Father, where angels fear to tread
comes Christ to walk
Feet firmly planted in the earth
that whatever lies beneath
there may be found a way through
and a route onwards to life,
shaped not just by earth
but by the heavens above
We pray You walk by the rivers
those that overflow and those that run dry
Where the course of life
has taken strange turns
and the landscape shifted out of recognition
Where ancient routes are turned to silt
and there is little left to refresh us
We pray You walk in the wilderness
where makeshift homes are uprooted
by powers that act without justice
That those who scratch a living
might discover wells of water
Wherever the stones hurt our feet
wash the dirt clean from under us
We pray You walk in the city
amidst all the wealth
that hides the poverty
Reshaping the history that built us up
yet breaks us down
Anonymous, untouched, many wander
longing to connect in human touch
We pray You walk
tireless and strong
to all that awaits You
For unless You go
we cannot follow
and as You walk, remember us
that we be bound in love
to You and all humankind


Closing Hymn: I cannot tell Click Here

Closing Blessing

Leader: Even though the rain hides the stars
All: Even though the mist swirls the hills
Leader: Even when the dark clouds veil the sky
All: God is by my side
Leader: Even when the sun shall fall in sleep
All: Even when at dawn the sky shall weep
Leader: Even in the night when storms shall rise
All: God is by my side
God is by my side



Bonus worship track for the Chosen “Walk on the water” Click here (When you put the kettle on allow a different style into your life of worship)

Thank you for time in taking part by using these resources. If you have any messages you would like to share with us, please connect with us below.

Stay in touch and stay safe. This is why we provide the above.

Frosty morning outside the Church

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