Daily Devotional Resources

Find daily strength to follow God

through daily devotional resources

The following free resources (except the books!) are just a sample for you to explore what suits your
daily routine,
style of learning
and perspective on faith.
The important point is to find what inspires your faith to have strength each day.

Some advice – give it a try, avoid a guilt trip, chat with others about your experience (both good and bad) and keep going.

An alternative simple “no technology” version is to phone for a daily service called Daily Hope on 0800 804 8044


Apps for the Smartphone

These are avaialble on smartphones only.

Lectio 365 Click Here.

Youversion Click here

Daily Bible Devotion Click Here

Olive Tree One Year Daily Devotional Click here

Books to read

Soul Fuel – Bear Grylls Click here

Reflections for Daily Prayer: Advent 2020 to Christ the King 2021 Click here

My Rock My Refuge – A Year of Daily Devotions in the Psalms Click here

Videos to watch

These links are found on Youtube so there is no control over the adverts you see

The Chosen Click Here

Church of Scotland Moderator Click here

The Celtic Blessing Click Here

Scottish worship leader (Steph Macleod) Click here

The Bible – ways to read it

The Scottish Bible Society Resources Click here

The Bible Society Daily Reflections Click here

Online Daily prayers (Church of England) Click here

The Bible Gateway Click here

Stories about the Bible from around the world
A small toddler eating a large piece of bread at a church in the Cuzco region of Peru where ‘Bread of Life’, the Peruvian Bible Society’s ministry to poor children, is running. The Quechua people in the Cuzco region are very poor but their lives were made considerably worse by the floods that devastated much of Peru from January 2010. (project 84300)

Scottish Bible Society

In Peru today, 2 out of 3 children live in extreme poverty, with as many as 25% of all children suffering from malnutrition. Many children in rural areas must work to help support their families.
However, all is not lost, as poverty is not the end of the story… for some, it is just the beginning.
In recent years the Peruvian Bible Society has supplied over 6,000 children with food and spiritual guidance – providing a life-saving ministry in both physical and spiritual terms.

They need you to partner with them to help meet the need again this year.

View more

Scottish Bible Society

Now, as much as ever before, the world needs a message of hope — and hope is found in God’s Word — meaningful, lasting, trustworthy hope.

The sort of hope that people everywhere have been finding through opening the Bible. Hope that you have helped us to provide. Thank you.

We have greatly valued your ongoing prayers and practical support for our work here in Scotland and around the world. Please continue to partner with us in support of those for whom the dark days of this pandemic are far from over.

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“The Bible is the book of my life. It’s the book I live with, the book I live by, the book I want to die by.”

-N. T. Wright Who is he? Click here

“The more I have read the Bible and studied the life of Jesus, the more I have become convinced that Christianity spreads best not through force but through fascination.”

-Shane Claiborne Who is he? Click here

Let’s help strengthen each other’s faith through the reading of the Bible and personal prayer.

If you want to discuss this with the minister please leave a message

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